Our Best Selling Poshmark Brands Of December 2022...

In your Poshmark "Closet Insights" tab, you can find not only your monthly sales, but also the brands that have sold the best during the current month, quarter, year, etc.

I want to take a moment to point out some of the brands that we are selling are also some of the brands that we get told "do not sell online".

Our number one selling brand on Poshmark this month alone is INC International Concepts..

That brand alone gets written off by so many people, but is doing extremely well for us!

We sell brands all the time that others will argue tooth and nail about how there's "no money to be made with them".

When you stop focusing on what "might not" work, and start focusing on selling, you will see your sales turn around.

If you need products to sell on Poshmark, including INC International Concepts, we have them here👉

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