Amazon Reimbursement Package

Amazon Reimbursement Package

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Amazon probably owes you much more money than you realize!

We recently spoke in our VIP Group about Amazon Reimbursements, and what Amazon potentially owes you. 

I gave out a couple of companies to do research on, but there was one in particular that stood out to us. 

The next Monday, I flew out to California to visit them and workout a few deals with their company for our clients. 

We found some awesome products, but found an even better deal with them for Amazon Reimbursements. 

You see, this company SPECIALIZES in helping find money that Amazon owes you from as far back as 18 months!

This works in the same way our Amazon Pack-N-Ship program works. 

You give User Permissions access so they can access your return and product reports. 

They will do research and open cases on your behalf for the money that Amazon owes you. 

Once Amazon reimburses you, they will charge a 30% success fee at the end of the month based on the money that they were able to help you retrieve from Amazon. 

This is an AMAZING DEAL, and we are doing it with our personal and partnered accounts as well. 

There is usually a 1 time charge of $3,000, but we were able to get a Wholesale Universe Bulk Discount of 90% OFF!

That means you pay $300 one time, and then they will do this each month with you at NO ADDITIONAL COST!

All you have to do is pay the 30% success fee when they find your money that Amazon owes you. 


If they find $10,000 that Amazon owes you, then you get charged 30% at the end of the month ($3,000), and you get to keep the 70% ($7,000) that you didn't even know existed. 

Very good deal, and we want you to take part in this. 

There is LIMITED SPOTS AVAILABLE, especially as we head into Q4. 

Grab your spot today!