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Amazon Keywords & SEO

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Though you do not need Keywords or SEO in order to sell these products on Amazon, it absolutely makes them an easier target to be sold once that information is added to the listing. 

SEO and Keyword Optimization may not be the most attractive thing to do in business, and not the most upfront friendly task, but I guarantee the rewards are WORTH the upfront work involved. 

You have 2 choices:

1- Take our training that explains how to fix Keywords and SEO on your own. The training is FREE, and you will be able to fix these issues instantly. 

Enroll in the training FREE of charge here--> Https://

2- Pay us to take care of ALL of the Keyword and SEO for you. 

Ultimately, it's personal preference. If you want to do all the work within your account, more power to you! 

If you want us to handle that for you, we don't mind at all! 


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