Amazon Brand Approvals

Amazon Brand Approvals

We are VERIFIED Amazon Distributors, and have worked very hard over the past 4+ years to attain that status!

We purchase designer inventory directly from big box retailers, and offer it at unbeatable deals to re-sellers like you. 

Our main goal in business is to help you grow yours!

With that being said, we have found that Amazon LOVES Wholesale Universe, Inc. 

We have shipped in orders for OVER 2,500+ clients, and have also started helping clients get approved to sell restricted inventory!

Below, you will see the brands that we can help you get approved to sell in on Amazon.

Click on the picture of the brand you want to be approved in, and it will take you to the checkout page to order the brand approval. 

Once the Brand Approval is ordered, we will get to work immediately to get you approved on Amazon. 

We will need User Permissions to your account to complete this process, as we go back and forth with Amazon to help get you approved. 

You can setup the User Permissions we need by following video 3 in our Amazon Training Guide here--> Https://