Amazon Account Management Services

Amazon Account Management Services

Wholesale Universe Amazon Account Management Services

Time is money.. At least in our world it is!

We understand that concept in-depth, and therefore also value YOUR time in return. 

Because we value your time, we've created a few services that could help honor your time a little more, and help automate a few areas of your business. 

As of now, we are going to be offering 3 services for our Amazon Account Management Services. 

  1. Price Dropping
  2. SEO/Keywords
  3. Suppressed/Stranded

These services can be purchased separately, or invoiced altogether at once to be paid monthly. Whichever you prefer. 

If you want to "Pay-As-You-Go", then you are free to do that as well. 

Let's break each of these services down so you know EXACTLY what you're receiving:

1- PRICE DROPPING:$.20 Cents Per Unit

Price Dropping is recommended by Ryan in the Amazon training to be done at least once a month. 

Some of our members find after trial and error that they like dropping prices 2-3 times monthly, and some like dropping prices once every 2 months. 

Ultimately, it's personal preference. By default, we will drop prices once monthly if you have credits on file for us to drop them. 


100 Units X $.20 Cents Per Unit = $20.00

500 Units X $.20 Cents Per Unit = $100.00

1000 Units X $.20 Cents Per Unit = $200.00

763 Units X $.20 Cents Per Unit = $152.60

50 Units X $.20 Cent's Per Unit = $10.00

Price Dropping Schedule:

We will drop prices ONCE per month by default.

Price drops will start on the first business day of the month. We will go in order by which you paid, but you can rest assured you will get one price drop per month in a 27-33 day time-frame. 

Which Prices Will Be Dropped?:

We will drop all prices that have been listed at least 30 days. 

We will ONLY drop the products you purchase from us at Wholesale Universe, and price drops will be per our Price Dropping Strategy used in the training and in our own Amazon Accounts. 

We can drop your prices that aren't Wholesale Universe items, but we must discuss and agree on terms before moving forward with dropping products outside of our own. 

Purchase A Price-Drop Pack:



2- SEO/KEYWORDS: $1 Per Unit