Amazon Account Management

Amazon Account Management

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Managing your Amazon Account takes time, but has proven to be VERY profitable for those who consistently stay on top of their Accounts. 

For many people, Amazon Account management is part of the day to day responsibilities of running their business.

On the other hand, we also have a lot of clients who struggle to properly maintain their Amazon Accounts due to time restrictions and current commitments. 

If you fall into the category of not being able to properly maintain your account, then the solution for you is for us to let us manage it for you!

Our In-House Account Management Service will allow you to grow your Amazon Account without having to worry about the everyday tasks associated with running the business. 

Account Management Includes:

1- AMAZON PRICE DROPPING (once monthly)

We will drop prices once per month by default. There are price tiers based on how many units you have in your account that you need price dropped monthly. 

With $97, we will drop up to 300 prices per month. If you have more than 300 units that need to be dropped monthly and taken care of, then choose a package that's larger than 300 units. 

If you need more than 300 prices dropped per month, but don't want to purchase a package larger than $97, then make sure to grab a Price Drop Packs-->

With this package, we will only drop the prices ONCE monthly. IF you want them dropped more than once per month, then contact us so we can work out a plan with you for timing and pricing. 


We will fix suppressed and quality alerts once per month by default. Just like price dropping, there are price tiers based on how many listings per month you need taken care of. 

The same as price dropping, we will fix up to 300 listings per month on the standard $97 Amazon Account Management Plan. 

If you have more suppressed inventory or quality alerts to be fixed than are in your monthly plan, then make sure to go purchase a Suppressed/Quality Alert Pack for the extra amount you need. 

Suppressed/Quality Alert Pack-->


We will be adding more to the Amazon Account Management Services as we grow. 

For now, we want to make sure that price dropping, suppressed listings, and quality alerts are taken care of. 

This will take a HUGE workload off of your hands, and will be a step towards making our Amazon Pack-N-Ship program 100% turn key. 


SEO/Keyword Optimization will be a different purchase and separate from account management. 

This is because SEO/Keywords are a 1 time purchase, and a monthly subscription is not needed. 

If you have listings that need SEO/Keyword Optimization, then purchase an SEO/Keyword Pack here-->