Our Amazon Replenishment Packages Are BACK!

These are the same packages we used to offer for Amazon FBA Pack-N-Ship, except we aren't uploading into Amazon FBA For you..

We are going to quality control check the products, make sure they are in PERFECT condition, make sure there is a left and a right shoe, make sure there are no scuffs, damages, or defects, and then repackage them even better than when they arrived.

These Designer Shoes will be READY to list on Amazon as soon as you receive them..

75% or more of the Amazon Replenishment Package will be able to be listed on Amazon and already have listings.

The other 25% or less not have listings created, may have restrictions that don't allow you to list them, or may not be listable on Amazon.

However, we are going to make sure that AT LEAST 75% or more of this package you buy can go to Amazon and has listings.

This package can be found here👉

If you have any questions about this package before you purchase, reach out to Kevin directly👉 (903)746-0229


  • This is an EXCELLENT question!

    Depending on which package you pick, there will be fully quality control checked and prepped designer shoes, apparel, active-wear, or bedding that’s ready to be listed and sold on Amazon.

    These are un-manifested lots.

    However, 75%+ of the inventory in the lot will already have an Amazon listing and be available for sale.

    If you have any further questions, feel free to reach out to us at antime so we can help you learn more about these packages.

    You can call/text us here—> (903)746-0229

    Wholesale Universe
  • I want to know what’s I side the boxes


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