Are You Selling On Poshmark Yet? Here's Why You Should!

All Time Sales On Poshmark

We started selling our "excess" inventory on Poshmark in 2019.

What I mean by "excess" is anything that we couldn't list and sell directly on Amazon. 

Up until 2019, Amazon was our only means of selling retail online, and we didn't have another avenue to liquidate inventory online that didn't make the cut on Amazon.

So what naturally happened was our warehouse filled up with products that were still in great condition and had HUGE profit potentials, but they sat there collecting dust and not turning. 

What this did to our business up until 2019 was almost detrimental! Every item sitting on the floor not selling has been paid for, so when you have to put it to the side when it doesn't go on Amazon, you're literally just "throwing money in the corner."

One day, we looked up and realized that we had HUNDREDS of thousands of dollars in cost worth of inventory just sitting in our warehouse waiting to be sold. 

We thought we were losing money with retail, when it wasn't that at all. 


Does this sound familiar? 

Maybe there are products that you have purchased that also haven't been listed and sold because they don't go on the specific platform you want. 

Maybe you have taken those products, thrown them aside, and even given up on them..

I'm here to tell you today folks - there IS another way! 

Let's Talk About Poshmark

When we realized that finding another platform to sell on would mean learning how to sell on a brand new platform, the thought of that almost stopped us dead in our tracks. 

It took us years to learn how to be successful on Amazon, so learning a new platform would take just as long... Right??


Because of the experience we had on Amazon already, we were able to transition directly into Poshmark with ease. 

What we liked even more is that Poshmark can be done from the computer, but can also be done from a smartphone or tablet through the Poshmark App - just like Amazon!

This made transitioning to Poshmark for our "excess" inventory so much easier! 

Poshmark: More Than Just A "Side-Hustle"

Now-a-days, the phrase "Side-Hustle" is also interpreted as "little money". 

If you're like us, you're not looking for another 40+ hours per week job just to make small amounts of money.

Poshmark, just like Amazon, has the ability to generate 6-7+ figures in sales each year, and we are living proof that it's possible. 

As you can see, this screenshot shows $331,567.20 in sales, and those numbers climb every hour. 

That's an average of $82,891.80 per year in sales for the last 4 years. 

Sure, we started off slow in 2019, but who doesn't when they first start selling on a new platform? 

Sure, 2020 was a bad year, but who didn't have a bad year during the pandemics height? 

As you can see, we got our feet under us in 2021, and exponentially grew in 2022!

We have plans to 2X-3X these numbers in 2023!

Need Help With Poshmark? Let Us Train You!

Poshmark Business In A Box

With 4 years of experience on Poshmark and counting, it's safe to say that we are very knowledgeable with how to be successful on this platform!

Though we are more than certain that there are many of you that can figure out how to be successful and make a ton of sales on Poshmark without us, we also realize there are many of you out there who need our help. 

Because of the amount of clients who have reached out over the last 1-2 years for help on Poshmark, we decided to create the "Poshmark Business In A Box" program specifically to help you!

With our Poshmark Business In A Box program, we help you: 

1️⃣- Set Up Your Poshmark Store
2️⃣- Receive 6 “Flip It Boxes” ($6,200 Value) = FREE SHIPPING
3️⃣- 2x (1 Hour Coaching Calls)
4️⃣- We Help You List Your First “Flip It Box”
5️⃣- 3 months Virtual Assistant Marketing/Advertising
6️⃣- Poshmark Ambassador Badge Status
7️⃣- Online Training Videos and PowerPoint
8️⃣- FREE SHIPPING on Inventory to you
Poshmark Business In A Box
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The value of this package is WELL OVER $10,000, but we are charging a one-time price of $2,997.

That means for less than $3k, we will walk with you step by step and help you open your Poshmark store, ship you $6,200 worth of perfect and profitable designer brand inventory with no shipping paid by you, help you list the inventory you receive, give you 2 hours of coaching calls, set you up with a virtual assistant for 3 months to help you grow and optimize your account, and offer you continuous online training and PowerPoint videos!

Not to mention we will help you receive your Poshmark Ambassador Badge Status, which is a BIG DEAL to Poshmark buyers. 

This is a "NO-BRAINER" type deal, and has been used by many of our clients already to help them setup their Poshmark stores!

Poshmark Business In A Box-

The same success we have is what we want to replicate with you.

It would be crazy for us to think we could ever find the time, manpower, or resources to list every product we have access to. There are just too many!

For this reason alone, it makes sense for us to show others how to become successful resellers on the Poshmark Platform as well!

Here are a few of the comments we have received on Poshmark from satisfied buyers purchasing the same quality of inventory we are offering you.

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Poshmark Business In A Box-

The picture below is what our personal Poshmark Closet looks like. You can find us on Poshmark @WholesaleU

Like we mentioned above.. We don't just TALK the talk... We WALK the walk..

At this point, we're basically running... 🏃🏃‍♀️

Won't you let us help you do the same??

Poshmark doesn't have to be hard, and there is an ABUNDANCE of money to be made! 💰📦

We want to train you to do this, and all you have to do is click below to get started!

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Poshmark Business In A Box





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