Amazon Brand Approvals: Why Being Approved In Restricted Brands Is Vital To Your Success

These types of sales didn't happen by accident, and they also didn't happen overnight.
1 Million+ in sales on Amazon in a one-year timeframe has been an accumulation of "reseller ingredients" baked into a "reseller's cake".📦🍰
1 Million In Sales On Amazon In 2022
So... Let's break this down and go over the ingredients for making $1,000,000+ on Amazon.
**Remember: Each ingredient we discuss is a vital ingredient and key to the success of the recipe in whole. You can't bake a cake with flour and eggs only, just as you can't be successful on Amazon with a seller account and random products you find on the internet.


1- You Need An Amazon Sellers Account

These are very simple and easy to create, and can be found here 👉

Creating an Amazon Sellers Account is a short process of creating your own online sales platform, where you can list products for sell, and have traffic driven to your products by none other than Amazon themselves. 

There are multiple ways to sell your products on the Amazon platform - Either by Merchant Fulfilled or Fulfilled By Amazon. We will talk about the difference between both in full on a later blog post.

In short though, you can hold and ship the products to the customer yourself when the item sells (Merchant Fulfilled), or you can let Amazon ship your product to the customer when it sells (Fulfilled By Amazon or FBA)

We can teach you how to do both. 

2- You Need A Good Supplier Who Offers Profitable Inventory

Finding a good supplier who offers profitable inventory is not always easy or simple to find. We understand how hard it is to scour the internet for good deals on pallets, only to come up short on what you're looking for.

Fortunately, you have found us, and we offer the profitable inventory you need.

We offer fully manifested pallets that show you exactly what you will be purchasing, how much the inventory costs, and allows you to make a fully informed decision before purchasing. That way, you feel good about the purchase you make with us. 

View Our Manifested Pallets Here👉

As you can see, we don't offer "bottom of the barrel" goods. 

Our inventory is top-notch branded inventory that buyers are searching for every day online. 

We offer brands like: 

  • Nike
  • Adidas
  • Under Armour
  • Michael Kors
  • Lucky Brand
  • Calvin Klein
  • Ralph Lauren
  • Puma
  • Columbia
  • North Face
  • Champion
  • Fila
  • 32 Degrees
  • Ideology


The brands above are but just a handful of the brands that we offer, as I could continue listing dozens of other brands that you know, and that sell very well on Amazon every day! 

All of the products we offer above are brand new with tags, or brand new inside of the box. 

You are making an EXCELLENT decision to sell these types of products on Amazon. Whether it's Shoes, Apparel, or Active-Wear, you can count on sales being made due to the brands associated with them. 

If you have questions about the products we offer that you don't get answered from our website, schedule an appointment with us at the link below. A member of our team will answer your call and take care of any and ALL questions you have!

Schedule Your Call 👉

3- You Need To Be Approved To Sell The Top Brands On Amazon

The success we have on Amazon comes from not just being consistent with listing inventory every day, but also from being approved to sell brands that most other resellers have no access to. 

If you want your sales to INCREASE, you also have to INCREASE your visibility on Amazon by selling products and brands that others can't.

Being approved to sell "restricted brands" gives you a competitive edge over most other sellers on Amazon. They are locked out of selling brands that you now have access to.

Amazon doesn't just "allow" you to sell brands like Nike, Adidas, Under Armour, etc... You have to prove to Amazon that you are a responsible seller who purchases your inventory from a trusted supplier - That's when you gain access to sell "restricted inventory".

Need help figuring out how to do that? That's where we come in!

We are an Amazon Verified Distributor, and can help you get approved in the brands we mentioned above, and many more. 

Get Approved To Sell Restricted Brands On Amazon👉

The link above is filled with information about the Amazon Brand Approval process, and also has client testimonials from others we have helped get approved previously. 

We have been helping clients get approved to sell restricted brands on Amazon for years, and want to help you as well!

Reach out to us today!

4- Never Stop Selling

Wholesale Universe was founded out of a 3rd Story - 2 Bedroom Apartment in July of 2015. 

There were plenty of times in the beginning stages of business where we wanted to give up. 

The road to success is paved with potholes, dead ends, and turnarounds. The important thing to remember is that YOU are in control of the car, and can always fix a flat, turn around, and drive around obstacles that come in front of you. 

Had we quit in 2015-2016 when times were rough, we would have never seen what success could feel like in 2022. 

Success isn't easy. If it was, everyone would be making millions on Amazon. 

If you want to make $1,000,000+ on Amazon, the money is ready and available for you to have. 

The question you have to answer is this: Do you want it or not?

If you do, I recommend you reach out to us today, and let us help you get on the path to scaling your e-commerce business on Amazon. 

Reach Out To Us Directly👉\


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